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Cyber Threats to National Security - Keeping the Nationís Industrial Base Safe from Cyber Threats

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Our national challenge is to protect and sustain our industrial base, critical infrastructure, and government missions. As a government and as a nation, we must be second to none in implementing comprehensive cybersecurity systems and procedures. Commitment and planning is necessary to meet the national challenge posed by cyber-faceted threats to national security. Our industrial base is heavily dependent on information technology and distributed data, which puts it at risk for cyber attacks.

Any strategy to defeat the cyber threat and protect Americaís industrial base must be supported by flexible legislation that defines government roles and authorities while balancing national security imperatives with personal privacy, and by U.S.-led international agreements that establish norms and enforce sanctions. If carried out among an aware citizenry by federal officials who recognize private industryís indispensable cybersecurity role, and a savvy, technologically educated workforce, such an approach offers the U.S. the surest path to safeguarding its industrial base within a cyberspace that remains more a bustling social and economic forum and marketplace than a battlefield.

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