Cyber Threats to National Security, Countering Challenges to the Global Supply Chain

The United States is faced with an unprecedented asymmetric threat to its national security, one to which the public is not yet fully awake. Of increasing importance, it is a threat to the nation's vast information assets, networks, and systems that operate in cyberspace. Within this context, it is critical to look at the cyber threat to the nation's supply chains. Supply chains provide goods and services that are essential to the functions of the U.S. government and its economy, the well-being of Americans, and the support and protection of American troops worldwide.

To enforce cybersecurity of U.S. supply chains, it is necessary for the government and its citizens to engage in a unique collaborative effort. Every user of a cyber-enabled device has in their hands a point of vulnerability and a source of potential attack, and is a potential cyber warrior. Congress and the executive branch must engage cooperatively in defining roles and responsibilities. Diplomatic solutions must be explored, and a public-private partnership must develop. Responsibility must be shared among the government, the private sector, and every private citizen to protect U.S. cyber assets.