Offset Strategies to Prevail Against Asymmetric Threats

Asymmetric Threat Symposium IX addressed how offset strategies position the U.S. to prevail against resurging global power competition, multiregional conflicts, and cross-domain challenges. These threats continue to proliferate against the backdrop of an increasingly leveled technological playing field and convoluted acquisitions processes. The U.S. requires multi-dimensional, nuanced, innovative approaches that incorporate new technologies and operational concepts into a coherent strategy that may be applied across federal agencies.

The report draws on the Asymmetric Threat Symposium IX, held in October 2016 in McLean, VA, which featured discussions from today's foremost thought leadership in government, industry, and academia. In addition to a series of keynote speakers, the symposium included expert panels. View the full event agenda and speaker biographies here.

One panel focused on finding, forging, and fielding game-changing technologies such as autonomous systems, and applying multidisciplinary approaches that span the interagency and engage the private sector. Another addressed legal authorities, acquisition reforms, STEM education challenges, and interagency coordination issues necessary to countervail threats ranging from terrorist organizations to nation states.