Save the Date: Asymmetric Threat Symposium XI
October 17, 2018
Asymmetric Threat Symposium X:
What Does it Take to Protect America?
Combatting Global
Asymmetric Threats

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The 10th symposium in the series, held October 26, 2017, explored how the U.S. can combat asymmetric threats that have expanded in prevalence and complexity. Leaders from the military, government, industry and academia provided insight and considerations to help chart the way forward.

The Asymmetric Threat Symposium Series

The Asymmetric Threat symposium series is a non-partisan, not-for-profit, pro-bono forum for furthering the national dialogue on asymmetric threats to national security. These threats span domains, involve a growing range of state and non-state actors, and employ diverse means from terrorism to cyber aggression to nuclear proliferation. Does the United States have the technologies, processes, and systems in place to actively respond to these threats? And, with asymmetric threats increasingly targeting the private sector, how can government partner with industry to forge a new direction? The series is designed to promote dialogue on critical national security issues, focusing on ideas, events, and technologies that drive the evolution of strategic thought and practice.

Thought Leadership

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Report Preview:
What Does it Take to Protect America:
Combatting Global Asymmetric Threats

The core question embedded in the symposium’s title reflects the realization that the world is at an inflection point, wherein a combination of technological, political, social, economic, and cultural factors changes all the answers, as well as many of the questions.

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Playing Leapfrog:
Getting Ahead in Future Warfare

In today's battle, the enemy and the fight are both everywhere and nowhere. Yet the goal remains “to deter and defeat adversaries across multiple scales of conflict intensity.” America's technological, strategic, and operational edge has eroded as the result of nearly two decades of fighting at the lower end of the conflict spectrum.

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The Cyber Edge:
Posturing the US Air Force for the Information Age

The United States has assembled the best Air Force for the industrial age, and it must now transform itself to retain supremacy in the digital age. To effect this transformation, Airmen must think and act differently about how they will face adversaries in 21st century warfare.

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“The volume of threat is absolutely unprecedented. The breadth of the threat is enough to stretch anyone’s brain.” | “Nobody in this room knows what the future looks like. No matter what we plan, it’s going to be different.” | “To say we need to modernize our systems is an understatement.
Our nuclear forces were developed in the 1960s.” | “It’s everybody’s job to protect the country.”

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