The Asymmetric Threat Symposium Series

The twelfth symposium in the Asymmetric Threat Symposia series addressed challenges America must meet, and vulnerabilities America must fix. Global threats to the United States and its allies have expanded in prevalence, complexity, sophistication, deniability, speed, and often in lethality. Many of these threats are directly aimed at America’s citizenry and institutions and not just the Government and the military forces that defend the nation. For example, we are arguably in a cyber war that is aimed at the whole of our society. And it will be a long war.

China and Russia focus on exploiting America’s vulnerabilities to tip the strategic advantage in their favor. It is not just the great power competitors pressing for advantage and exploiting potential vulnerabilities. It is also terrorist groups and nations such as Iran and North Korea that are engaged in weakening America and our allies.

This non-partisan, not-for-profit event thought leadership series furthers the evolving national security discourse put forth by government, industry, and the private sector.

“The volume of threat is absolutely unprecedented. The breadth of the threat is enough to stretch anyone’s brain.” | “Nobody in this room knows what the future looks like. No matter what we plan, it’s going to be different.” | “To say we need to modernize our systems is an understatement.
Our nuclear forces were developed in the 1960s.” | “It’s everybody’s job to protect the country.”

co-Sponsors of Symposium XII

Center for Security Policy
Institute for the Study of War