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How Will Offset Strategies Help the U.S. Prevail Against Asymmetric Threats?

The new conference report addresses the most critical national security challenges now facing the U.S. Co-sponsored by the Association of Old Crows, CACI International Inc, and the Center for Security Policy, the Asymmetric Threat symposium series furthers the dialogue on how to address the complex asymmetric threats to America's national security and how offset strategies attempt to position the U.S. to prevail against resurging global power competition, multiregional conflicts, and cross-domain challenges. The symposia series was founding in 2008 by CACI Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board Dr. J.P. (Jack) London and Lead Director on CACI's Board of Directors Dr. Warren Phillips.


Past Symposia Reports and Information

Global Snapshot

April 2017 - To Catch an Insider Thief

January 2017 - The latest Asymmetric Threat Global Snapshot: Learning Curves and Curve Balls - National Security in Transition

September 2016 - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Offset World

August 2016 - Positioned to Prevail? Reading the Roadmap of the Third Offset Strategy

April 2016 - Divided, but Unconquered Threats: The Dangers in Inadequate and Incomplete National Security Analysis

January 2016 - Toward a New National Security Paradigm: Breaking Out to Break Through

March 2015 - The Time to Act: The Imperative to Combat Radical Islamic Terrorism Now

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Ninth Annual National Security Symposium: "Offset Strategies to Prevail Against Asymmetric Threats," Sponsored by Association of Old Crows, CACI, and Center for Security Policy - 7/16

CACI Becomes Anchor Partner in Cyber-Physical System Security Program With Virginia Tech Hume Center - 2/16

FAA, DHS, CACI, UMD Perform UAS Detection Work  - 2/16

The New Wave of Warfare By CACI Executive Chairman Dr. J. P. London, JED - 9/15

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Knowledge Leaders

Read: Combatting Asymmetric Threats: The Interplay of Offense and Defense Decision Superiority: Co-authored by Dr. J.P. (Jack) London, CACI Executive Chairman, and Dr. Lani Kass, CACI Strategic Corporate Advisor and Senior Vice President

Read: Decision Superiority: Understanding the Impact of Surprise, Denial, and Deception: Co-authored by Dr. J.P. (Jack) London, CACI Executive Chairman, and Dr. Lani Kass, CACI Corporate Strategic Advisor and Senior Vice President

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