About Us

The Asymmetric Threat Symposium series was founded in 2008 by CACI Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board Dr. J.P. (Jack) London and Lead Director on CACI's Board of Directors Dr. Warren R. Phillips. The site is designed to advance the dialogue on national and global security and provide a wider understanding of the asymmetric threat and how we can help counter it. It is intended to serve as the go-to source for fact-based resources and original research and provide a forum for review and discussion of pertinent themes and events. At its most basic level, asymmetric threat or warfare refers to conflicts in which the relative military power of combatants differs considerably. The symposia described on this site have attracted an array of participants from military, government, industry, and academia. They assembled with the common purpose of developing new thinking on achieving an overarching national strategy that will effectively counter the threats posed by our enemies. The experts attending the sessions have focused on concrete approaches to structural, procedural, and resource changes needed to realign the elements of national power against very savvy and adaptable adversaries.