Cyber, Electronic Warfare, and Critical Infrastructure Strategies for National Security

What if America were suddenly deprived of electricity, water, money, cyberspace, and fuel? Asymmetric Threat Symposium VIII addressed that question by exploring the indispensable role of cyber, electromagnetic spectrum dominance, and electronic warfare in defending the United States and assuring U.S. military operational superiority. There is an accelerated and compelling need to protect the nation from all hazards, including cyber, electronic, and physical threats. The race is to the swift, the resourced, and the prepared. He who masters the electromagnetic spectrum - and cyber - denies dominance to the adversary, and is resilient - wins.

In addition to a series of keynote speakers, the symposium featured two expert panels. One focused on Department of Homeland Security-led missions and actions included in the National Infrastructure Protection Plan to protect critical cyber infrastructure, as well as the energy infrastructure that powers cyber capabilities; and the other focused on Department of Defense and Intelligence Community challenges in facing a contested full-spectrum and cyber warfare environment. The symposium built upon the overarching conclusion of previous events in this series that today's security challenges are predominately hybrids. Such challenges require multi-dimensional, nuanced, innovative approaches from across government, industry, academia, and the public-private partnership.